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Meet Our Founder

founder rawbeauty

Loretta Brandolini - Founder

Hi there,

I'm Loretta, founder of rawbeauty skincare.

Thanks so much for stopping by ūüėÉ

If you are new around here,  I would love to fill you in on what inspired rawbeauty skincare and what we are all about :-)


The Short Version 

My mission is to create natural, botanical products that keep skin healthy, beautiful & soft without irritating it.

I want to give women a natural, effective alternative to commercial products with unhealthy ingredients. 

We have a  special love for nuturing mature skin and to inspire women of all ages to love the skin they are in, to embrace their raw natural beauty and to be their best version of themselves naturally.

Rawbeauty is a natural Australian made and owned skincare range. We are a small Aussie business.

Our products are ūüí™ūüŹĽ Effective ūüćÉVegan ūüíö Natural & ūüź≠ Cruelty free

If you are interested in hearing more .....

 I've always had a passion for using raw natural ingredients on my skin to make it more healthy & beautiful naturally.

Even back in my early teens, I would rummage through the pantry and fridge (when my Mum wasn't looking of course!) to get my hands on anything natural that I could blend, mash and apply on my skin. 

I loved the process of self care & the glowing, healthy & radiant skin that followed.

The love of natural powerful ingredients lead to the creation of rawbeauty skincare.

Blending  & mashing ingredients can be messy & takes time, so these days I prefer to reach for a jar of natural beautiful skincare products ready to use.

So, introducing Rawbeauty Skincare.

There is more to my story though. A twist triggered me to make my own products and leave out a certain natural ingredient from our products.

Here Is The Full Story 

My son Julian (pictured below) was born with severe allergies and bad eczema, which created a great deal of discomfort for him & anxiety for both of us. 


Founder rawbeauty
My son Julian (above) sparked the creation of rawbeauty skincare 


I was so sad to see him so uncomfortable.

 I was determined to find him some relief. After becoming aware of the many toxins in commercial sensitive skincare products, I started to make my body wash and moisturizers at home. 

Like most mums, I was trying to do the best for my son. 

 When I discovered that I was potentially harming my son due to undiagnosed nut allergies, I was horrified. 

 After doing some further product research, I found that many natural products designed for eczema and sensitive skin also contained nut oils. 

 This is when I decided to leave out nut oils from any of our skincare products. 

 Instead, pure olive, coconut, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils are our main stay.


Our philosophy is to use only the purest, most natural ingredients so that our skincare range is formulated free of nasties.

 You won't find parabens, sulphates, artificial colours or fragrances in any of our products.

 We also love our planet and our furry friends, so it was a must that our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged environmentally conscious.


And finally ...

Being in my 50's, I feel that mature skin has been forgotten & almost ignored by companies.

It is almost like they think that skincare is a 20-something game and women stop caring about their skin at 40!

They are soo wrong! 

It is not about removing wrinkles or supposed flaws but rather nurturing your skin & striving for beautiful, healthy skin at every age. I believe in looking & feeling your best version of YOU- naturally!


Thanks for taking time to read my story ūüíó¬†


We are developing new products for the Rawbeauty range, so keep an eye out for new amazing products coming soon.


Loretta xo
Loretta Brandolini ‚Äď Founder Rawbeauty ¬†Skincare


PS- For more info on how we are different to other skincare brands - click here to get the low down!