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How Aussie are You Really?

Posted by Loretta Brandolini on

Im asked this question all the time. :-) And its no wonder given 90% of Australians (aged 14+) say they are more likely to buy products made in Australia (1).   I am one of these...

5 Surprising Skin Benefits of Rose Geranium Oil

Posted by Loretta Brandolini on

Rose geranium essential oil has a beautiful, uplifting floral scent which relaxes the mind and body. 🌸   But aside from smelling divine, rose geranium essential oil has many other surprising skin and health benefits. Here...

Here's why you need to facial steam this weekend!

Posted by Loretta Brandolini on

Facial steaming infuses your skin with moisture and enhances and accelerates the benefits of skincare products you use after it.  Steaming primes your face for exfoliation and targeted treatments such as vitamin C as it...

Sensitive Skin? Skip the Sulfates!

Posted by Loretta Brandolini on

Sensitive skin can be so darn uncomfortable and even embarrassing at times. Irritation can show up as - redness,  inflammation,  Dryness  Itchy skin Tingly skin Rashes Sensitive skin can be aggravated or even caused by...


Posted by Loretta Brandolini on

Elderflower has many beauty benefits.

These include skin softening & smoothing effects, anti-inflammatory & anti-wrinkle properties & is great for all skin types. Who wouldn’t want this in their skincare!