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Why I almost abandoned natural products

Posted by Loretta Brandolini on
Why I almost abandoned natural products

A question I get a lot is what sparked the creation of rawbeauty skincare?

You may relate to my story.

A passion for pure & natural skincare lead me to creating my products at home while my baby boy had his short naps - and I mean short! I worked at a ferocious pace in making my moisturiser and balms.

I loved experimenting with formulations - it was satisfying & creative, AND great for my family. 

But one night I had a distressing setback that almost made me abandon natural products altogether!

At bath time I splashed some macadamia nut oil into my son's bath to add extra moisture to his dry skin.

After all, you cant go wrong with the natural moisturizing goodness of this popular nut oil, right?

Wrong! Within minutes my son started screaming hysterically, massive welts began to rise all over his body, his skin was inflamed and red, his eyes were swollen. 

I quickly took him out of the bath, trying to calm him down. 

He kept screaming. 

So we rushed him to the emergency room at our local hospital. 

After much stress, tears, and medical attention, his reaction subsided, and thank goodness he was fine.

After this traumatic experience, I almost abandoned my homemade products because I was afraid of doing more harm than good. 

But then I learned this was a nut sensitivity (later confirmed as an anaphylactic nut allergy!)

...all I had to do was leave out the nut oils!

Then my new products would be safe and healthy for the whole family.

I chose jojoba, coconut, olive and sunflower seed oils - as not only are they loaded with essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins, but they also FEEL gorgeous on the skin.

I COULD create safe and effective products for the wider community.


And thats why rawbeauty skincare products are formulated as nut-free & with healthy oils that are safe for sensitive skin, those with allergies, and those caring for people with nut allergies. 

Do you know anyone with sensitive skin or a nut sensitivity or nut allergy? If you do, then you likely can relate to my story :-)

This was the birth of rawbeauty skincare. 

In case you are wondering, my son who had allergies and terrible eczema, has used our products over the years without reaction and his skin still laps it up :-)



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